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Old Ottoman Songs from Istanbul – Kadifeden Kesesi 19th Century

Previous Ottoman Songs from Istanbul – Kadifeden Kesesi 18th Century

Ottoman classical music (Klâsik Türk Mûsikîsi, Sanat Mûsikîsi) developed in Istanbul and main Ottoman cities from Skopje to Cairo, from Tabriz to Morocco by the palace, mosques, and sufi lodges of the Ottoman Empire.[1] Above all a vocal music, Ottoman music historically accompanies a solo singer with a small instrumental ensemble. In latest instances devices would possibly embody tanbur, lutes, tambourine, kithara, ney flute, kemençe fiddle, keman Western violin, kanun zither, or different devices. Typically described as monophonic music, the number of ornamentation and variation within the ensemble requires the extra correct time period heterophonic, with an obvious byzantine affect.

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